Dissadvantages of buying cheap plane tickets

Drawbacks of cheap flight tickets

Everybody loves the feeling of buying a cheap flight ticket. Sometimes you can fly places less expensive than by driving there, by bus or by train. But, are all these bargain deals worth it? What are the hidden costs, and what are the long-term drawbacks? Let’s find out!

The schedule is dreadful

So, you just bought a low-cost plane ticket, but in exchange, you will lose a good night’s rest, a healthy breakfast and probably your patience. Most airline companies offer dirt-cheap prices on early morning or nightly flights.

You might have saved $40 on your flight, but now you have to wake up at 3 a.m., ride an expensive taxi to the airport and wait in line with the other sleep-deprived passengers. You can at least use the money you saved to buy a pair of sunglasses and hide those huge dark circles under your eyes.

Hidden fees

Plane tickets oscillate on a full cost scale even when they cover the same distance. You can fly between two cities on two different days with the same airline and pay two prices that may differentiate by tens or hundreds of dollars.

However, this type of economic flying comes at a cost. The ticket may only be a fraction of its usual steep price, but as you go through the ordering process, the airline keeps adding taxes, insurance costs, and other hidden fees. By the time you reach the register, you will notice that the price you pay is only a bit lower than what you would usually give for that ticket.

No refunds

There is one trick that most airlines use to make you pay for cheap flight tickets: they give no refunds for your purchase. Unsurprisingly, they offer these bargain deals on flights that have a high chance of getting delayed or even canceled. So, you may be glad to pay only 50% of the usual fare, but if something unpleasant happens, you will not see a single dime back.

Your best choice is to work with expert professionals in the business that can help you get compensation if your flight suffers a delay or cancellation. This way, you can claim your rights and get at least a part of your money back from the airlines.

Baggage restrictions

Many airlines will present you with an irresistible offer that goes something like this “You can travel on a 5-hour flight for just 40% of the usual ticket cost. Get your seat by the window NOW!

It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? One of the drawbacks of this kind of cheap flight tickets is that you will only be allowed to bring a tiny purse on board. In some cases, your toothbrush will suffice. Baggage restrictions will apply to this kind of bargain buy, and if you want to add any luggage, you will have to pay an extra fee, which will most likely exceed the usual cost of the flight ticket. So, be extra careful when jumping at these unbeatable deals that airlines offer!